SIA Academy

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Our training courses include a wide range of training programs.

Our consulting services extends to a variety of security solutions designed and implemented to fit the needs of the customers.

1. Anti-terrorism
2. Auto protection
3. Aviation security
4. Bug detection – Countermeasures
5. Humint
6. Hotel security
7. Krav Maga
8. Basic and advanced shooting
9. Operational driving
10. Embassies Security
11. VIP protection course
12. Security management
13. Money Laundering
14. The Art of Negotiation
15. Public transportation drivers
16. Protection of schools, colleges and universities.
17. Scanners for x-ray machines (airports, borders)
18. Protection of strategic facilities (airports, seaports, oil and gas reserves.
19. Security engineering - protection and shielding buildings, gated communities, home VIP, pipelines, borders.
20. Follow up.
21. Web application hacking.
22. Management intelligence in prisons.