SIA´s Investigations Services

LP – Loss Prevention Comprehensive analysis based on the LPIS (Loss Prevention Integrative Solutions) System. This is a full method of loss estimation work. After the estimation is complete a plan for loss prevention is designed and implemented. This system is very useful to prevent losses in Retail stores, supermarkets, power distribution companies, among others.

LPIS is currently the most advanced system and has been designed by experts in police and intelligence affairs in Israel. The system has been adapted to prevent losses in any dimension inside a company. It is the only system that allows refunds in a short term of time. 

LPIS converts the Security Department of a company into a Division that generates incomes. How? Just refunding money that until then it has been taken as a loss.

SIA provides consulting services to companies and government organizations seeking new opportunities as well as entities in the development of its activities are confronted by fraudulent or hostile acts. Here, SIA provides:

Consulting and Holding of Intelligence and Counterintelligence: The SIA intelligence experts advise companies and governments around the world in planning and implementing tasks of preventive intelligence, counterintelligence operations, collection and analysis of information, both at the tactical level as strategic.

SIA provides consulting services to companies and government organizations seeking new opportunities and to entities in developing their activities are confronted by fraudulent or hostile acts. In this sense SIA:Gathering information through human and technological sources.

SIA provides consulting services to companies and government organizations seeking new opportunities and to entities in developing their activities are confronted by fraudulent or hostile acts.

SIA technical specialists are experienced in detecting illegal means of surveillance and interception of electronic communications. After extensive evaluations of facilities to identify vulnerable areas, our team works with clients to develop and implement successful strategies countermeasures, followed by ongoing support.

SIA provides consulting services to companies and government organizations seeking new opportunities and to entities in developing their activities are confronted by fraudulent or hostile acts.

We offer research in support of HR departments and recruitment: Our research teams conducted personal research tailored to the needs of the Departments of Human Resources and Head Hunters to determine all necessary aspects regarding potential new employees be incorporated by national and international companies.

Development of research on short deadlines.

  • Implementation designed to meet specific customer needs.
  • Background checks.
  • Depth investigations

The wave of crime, criminality and violence often affecting humanity today, inevitably affects all organizations, human resources, operations and their results. Globalization, technological advances, the speed in the flow of information interact in the context of the social, economic and political crisis in Latin America influencing exceptionally in all activities .

In this situation, the old formulas that long ago were used to combat these scourges have become obsolete. Creative solutions that are specifically tailored to the circumstances we are going through is needed .

The effective implementation of preventive procedures, the constant evolution of the same from the incorporation of the latest news and innovations in the field, the update to the suggestions of specific technological applications and selecting the best providers are the best guarantee for achieve security structure according to customer needs.

It should be mentioned that the management team of a company must not include among its concerns insecurity or security issues prevailing in today’s world in general and Argentina in particular. It must entrust these tasks to professionals with the skills and experience necessary to deal with a problem of the magnitude that arises.

For this reason and due to the requested injunction, we are convinced that after conducting a study of security checks may be obtained from which the strategy can set the security company. This strategy can lead to implement the following option:

1. Construction, development and design standards and procedures, as well as implementing appropriate to the needs of each case strategies.

The main advantages of this implementation are:

1. Having a team of security specialists that provide comprehensive protection and their “know-how” conditioning the features work as customer needs: Taylor Made.
2. Having the ability to innovate External Auditor with extensive experience in the field, dedicated to monitor , edit and restructure work methodologies that apply today.
3. Generate a “Cruzado Control” between ” in-house” structure and an external consultant, this being the guarantee of the application of the rules to implement.

Safety Analysis

For installations that the company owns, relieve the items are:

  • Evaluation of threats and risks, including possible courses of action offenders / potential offenders.
  • Features electronic security elements of the various sectors of the facilities. Alarms, sensors and Closed Circuit Television.
  • Security situation in the area of influence of the facilities concerned (survey reaching the personal level, between neighbors and other people around).
  • Weak points and critical installations, considering residential, business, common issues, and movements (ROUTINE).
  • Security system in place. Evaluation of the current plan.
  • Confidence level and ability of employees critical environment .
  • Performance – site security staff and third if any.
  • Safety Managers, Heads and employees.
  • Travel protection and transportation of people and material.
  • Features security elements of the various sectors of the facilities.
  • Control system for access to the various facilities.

Note that our purpose is to check the existence of a concept of Preventive Security, to contribute, as was pointed out, to eliminate the risk or reduce it, through the determination of physical, personnel and equipment, preparation of safety, monitoring methods and means of control and monitoring. It is also important to note that the ability to receive the warning and early detection is crucial to achieve neutralization of the attempted crime, before it is carried out.

Finally, recommendations are then developed the proposed work will integrate and coordinate the following: trained staff, professionally trained and targeted prevention, implementation of protection techniques according to the needs of identified safety and advanced electronic equipment and high quality.

This means, generally, a homogeneous relationship between technical and manpower resources, whether from the point of view of the reduction in risk with regard to security personnel, as well as the quantity and quality of the systems electronic necessary.

Proposed Study:

1. The proposal is to conduct a comprehensive study on the current situation and Comprehensive Security Protection for the listed facilities.
2. Checks, Risks and Recommendations for resolution: As a result of the work, a Safety Analysis Report, which entered will be displayed.


The study was developed in three stages:

1) First phase:

Collecting field data (depending on work schedule Israeli Integral Protection: Concentric Circles).
Exercises effective system check. (Auditing hidden).
Control facilities , exterior and interior.
Needs assessment regarding physical security – response to need, number of posts, flowchart, etc.
Problem analysis and detection of weaknesses and critics.
Interviews and meetings with those responsible for the operation: consultation on your response to various contingencies (fire, road traffic closed , anonymous call or suspicious , etc.).
Interview with Head of Security of the structure.
Control of working methods in the area of ​​security.
Analysis and study of the work routine.
Observing inner circle : movements, behaviors, activities.
Evaluation of the security budget and way of being used by the client.

2) Second phase:

Analysis of the data obtained, assessment and conclusions of all information collected.
All information obtained will be analyzed in order to determine courses of action, whether in relation to the current security situation, as well as on changes that need to be made.
The analysis of the findings will lead to the development of the Safety, according to the findings made.

Privacy and Technology:

Defining the criteria for the electronic protection (system size, optimal coverage, what kind of threats against intended, how monitoring, etc … is performed).
Analysis of the cost – benefit ratio in its broadest sense, as well as specific economic aspects of each of the elements of technological protection.
Loss control. Complete analysis system based on the LPIS. It is a comprehensive approach that includes an estimate of the job losses to an end, a plan was implemented to prevent theft and loss within the Country.

3) Third phase:

Presentation of Final Report to the Client.
Reported include the executive summary and full report.
The recommendations and conclusions give the customer the ability to optimize resources and improve the performance of your current system without the need to invest more and within budget and the current structure.


SIA designated team shall consist of a group of experts on Integral Protection and Safety as well as Security Electronics, Communications, and Intelligence Systems Perimeter.