Israeli High Technology

The world is moving fast and advanced technology is attached to this process. Technology can save lives, money, and information and also can improve the control we have over every day and emergency situations, making our life easier.

Not even the most advanced technology can replace a well trained professional human.

For that SIA offers a solution package which includes tailor made technological solutions combined with a comprehensive training program on how to implement that technology. This procedure will improve the uses of the technology and maximize the advantages and features of it.

SIA offers a variety of technological solutions in areas such as: HLS, Communication, Investigations, Intelligence, Explosives, Facility Security and Surveillance.

Most of this technology is made in Israel.

- For Governments – Cell phone dredging and monitoring

- Explosive detection – a new and efficient development for governments, security forces, border control and strategic facilities (Exclusively by SIA to Latin America)

- Polygraph

- X Ray Scanner

- Surveillance vehicles

- Strategic facilities protection – for governments, companies, energy industry, telecommunication, prisons, etc.

- Border Control – An integral and complete system

- Jammers